You are currently viewing <strong>Toy Claw Machine——Attractive machine in the mall.</strong>

Toy Claw Machine——Attractive machine in the mall.

  1. What is the Toy Claw Machine?

Many different types of toys in the machine and people can catch the toy which they like through operating the Claw. Catch the toy, throw it in the channel, and get the present! Easy and funny for all the different age groups.

2. How to make a profit through the toy claw machine?

  • Choose the highest cost-effective machines.

Nowadays, many machines are so attractive with the popular music or colorful Acrylic board. Simple operation is also the one. We need to choose the Intelligent one which can save the troubles, and also bring a better gaming experience to customers. If we are not sure which machines are suitable, we can select one or two prototypes and put into trial.

  • The location of the machine is the key.

For the location selection of the toy claw machine, we are not only looking at the element of high traffic in the place but also choosing some venues where the majority of active people are teenagers. For example, Indoor game center, Cinema, KTV, Shopping mall, Supermarket, Hotel and so on.

  • Some small details for attention.

   Although the risk of making a toy claw machine is not great, we still need to be aware of risks. At the same time, the toy claw machine is popular, leading to the existence of a tuyere period. So we should change the type of the toy and difficulty parameter in time.

After finding a place with stable traffic flow, we can rent a specific place where can place other machines such as dancing machine, ticket redemption machine, kiddy rides and so on. We have many types of machines,and if you are interested in them, please contact us without hesitation at any time!