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NO IP, NO commercial.

What business advantages can IP bring to commercial real estate?

In the environment of large commercial stock and severe homogenization competition, IP is becoming the chosen one which to seek resonance with consumers and have sufficient recognition in many businesses, so as to drive traffic, voice volume, and popularity. So in the extremely fierce competition for consumption, each shopping mall is trying to find its own “IP methodology”.

  • IP Theme Exhibition Brings Multiple Benefits to Shopping Centers.

In addition to the contribution to the total traffic, IP also can improve the total sales and commercial effect. It is positive to enhance the brand value of the shopping center.

  • Achieving brand differentiation and subject-oriented retail formats.

Nowadays, many Children’s Paradises enrich the theme and space by bringing in the cartoon IP. Parents bring their children to theme parks is no longer pure amusement equipment, but the carton IP they like. More importantly, these images not only exist in the plane, but also in main product, manual classroom, themed restaurant and so on.

  • A series of commercialized derivative products, gaining market profits.

From the brand side or the IP authorizer, there are so various types of IP derivative products. The brand side can use popular IP to achieve marketing effect, and the IP authorizer can also improve own popularity and brand value through it.