Bowling Party

  • Size:1867*3065*2809mm
  • Power:180W
  • Weight:180KG
  • Model:SF-A17


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details


  1. Carnival machine of lottery
  2. The methods of playing the games are new, exciting and full of leisure entertainment
  3. The shape design are elegant, colorful patterns, delicate and use exquisite materials
  4. Using large-scale integrated circuits, which built-in programs. The functionality are stable and reliable
  5. Using the import lottery machine
  6. Meet the general type of lottery
  7. Using the imported coin machine, the diameters of coins can adjust from 20mm to 28mm, which is in high accuracy, stable and reliable
  8. Game programming and revenue ratio are easily to adjust

How to play:

  1. Insert coins or swipe card, the game begins.
  2. Choose 1P mode or 2P mode, the ball will roll out, you can bowl the ball out.
  3. Bowl over the zombies in the screen and you can get score.
  4. After game, the more scores you get, the more tickets you will win.

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