Super Lollipop

  • Name:  Super Lollipop
  • Model Number:  SF-L001
  • Size:  W400*D620*H1750MM
  • Voltage:  110V/240V
  • Weight:  100KG
  • Power:  80W


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details


  1. Unique design, brilliant lighting effects; simple one-click control game
  2. Profitability control; free development of unique programs, the choice of high-quality electronic chip, the program stable and efficient; venue must be popular machine
  3. Can be placed in children’s play Fields, supermarkets, video games, shopping malls, etc. Appearance dazzling and colorful


How to play:

  1. Insert token.
  2. Press button, light of the roulette rotates.
  3. Press button again, lights stops, the number which has the light is the number of candies won.
  4. Release candy, get candy from the exit.

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