Dance Machine

  • Product Model:  Dance Central
  • Model Number:  SF–GC067
  •  Voltage:  220V
  • Power:  600W
  • Size:  2450*2500*2500MM


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details

How to play:

  1. Insert coin and step on the pedal to start game.
  2. You can hide the cursor by adjusting the lower side of first light eye on left hand and the speed of cursor by adjusting second light eye.
  3. Degree can be adjusted by the upper side of first and second light eye, you can choose Rudimentary, Intermediate, Senior or 2 player club, then step the pedal to select the song on the upper sight of light eye.
  4. After music started, wave your hand (hands) upon the light eye when blue light ring arrive at relative place; wave your hand (hands) upon the light eye or covers the light eye when blue light beams arrive at relative place; Step on 1P or 2P when yellow arrows arrive at relative place.
  5. This game machine is suit for all range ages of people, has function of exercise and relax.

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