• Model Number:  SF-VM001
  • Type:  Gift vending machine
  • Voltage:  110V/220V
  • Weight:  100KG
  • Power:  120W
  • Size:  W650*D650*200MM


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details


  1. There are four wheels Can be fixed;
  2. Coin machine can adjust different countries (1-6) yuan coin, you can also use their tokens, the machine can be adjusted by 45 mm- 75 mm between specification of eggshell;
  3. With its beautiful appearance, easy operation and durable quality, the machine is suitable for store use. The machine adopting special computer main board and personal interface, users can detect the machine easily. When the products are in lack, it will power off automatically. If sold out, it will display “sold out” and no money could be input.
  4. We also can do 2pcs Capsule Gashapon Vending Machine as one whole part, then you will get one double layers and 4pcs dispensers
    Capsule Gashapon Vending Machines

How to play:

  1. Insert coins OR token to start the game.
  2. Move the coin acceptor to get the capsule toy you want.
  3. Playes cannot get the prize if they don’t insent the coin.

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