• Product Brand:Sunflower Amusement
  • Product Model:KL-016
  • Type:Ticket&Redemption Games
  • Input Voltage:110/220v
  • Working Power:180w
  • Dimension:W1100*D2660*H2640


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details


  1. Stylish all-metal exterior design.
  2. Optimize the design.
  3. The latest motherboard, upgrade and maintenance is guaranteed.
  4. The basketball game machine has a removable rack which can be fitted with wheels so that it can move freely.
  5. The basket can swing around, adjust game play with motionless and move basketry.
  6. Metal basket and net chain, metal gear, solid and durable, non-derailment.
  7. Networking is possible.
  8. It has a lottery option.
  9. Contains an intelligent chip inside, automatically count when the ball is thrown.


How to play?

  1. Insert coins, press the start button, the game start
  2. In the set time, players throw the basketballs into the basket to achieve the score, total three levels
  3. After starting the game, when you throw the basketball into the basket, you will get 2 score before the countdown of 15 seconds, in the countdown of 15 seconds you will get score for each ball, and can enter the next level when you reach the required score
  4. When the game over, you can get tickets depend on your score. The more score you achieve, the more ticket you will get

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