Aliens Simulator Shooting

  • Product Brand:  High Quality
  • Product Model:  42inch Aliens
  • Weight:  110KG
  • Input Voltage:  220V
  • Working Power:  300W
  • Dimension:  1000*1960*2000MM


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details


  1. New design,dynamic gun.
  2. You will lose a life mark when attacked by an enemy or with a failure event.
  3. Attention: watch out as some enemies will give large damage.
  4. Shoot the background and search for the bonus life items, collect bonus, life items to rejuvenate your life gauge.
  5. Press the button on the controller to use rambo mode for a limited time,when the gauge is a at the maximum level,
  6. Rambo mode will be invincible for a limited time!
  7. Rate of fire will go up.If you run out of rambo, shoot outside the screen to reload.

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