Luxury Hammer

  • Type:  Arcade Simulator Games
  • Input Voltage:  220V
  • Working Power:  300W
  • Dimension:  1000*1575*2100MM


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details

How to play:

  1. Insert coin and press Start button to start.
  2. Choose your favorite game mode and press Start button or step on the accelerator to confirm.
  3. Choose your favorite hummer; you have 6 hummers for option, turn the steering wheel to choose.
  4. Choose difficulty level VS CPU, you have 4 levels for option.
  5. You can take a look at the tips show on the screen while loading your game.
  6. Game start, you can change your drive view by press View button.
  7. You can adjust your seat by pulling the stick under the chair.

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