Lucky Pong

  • Power: 800W
  • Weight: 200KG
  • Size: 1208*2300*2970MM


Director,CEO,General Manager

Product Details


  1.  New and Unique Design
  2. For 2 players to compete
  3. Easy to play but full of challenge
  4. Suit for Game Room, Bar, Playzone,etc.

How to play:

  1. Insert coins to start the game
  2. Press the button and the balls pop up, pick the ball and toss it into one of the cups
  3. There are 2 modes of the games, Ticket mode, when you get the ball into a cup, you will win tickets When you get all balls into the cups, you will win jackpot tickets
    Score Mode: There are points in the cups, you will get corresponding scores when you toss a ball into a cup. When you toss a ball into the cup of 100 points, you can light up an icon on the screen; when you light up all icons, you will win jackpot tickets.
    After the game, the more scores you win, the more tickets you will get

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